The Plot

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A short Hugo-winning novel, The Big Time benefits from employing a limited number of characters at a fixed place over a few hours of narrative time, as if adhering to the dramatic unities of place, action, and a much modified sense of time. Initially, the narrator provides exposition leading up to a mystery. He then attempts to solve the mystery and rescue the group from disaster. The story is told as if to inform or to forewarn a newcomer to the temporal context the novel describes. The events reveal a greater sense of the problems associated with altering history.

Greta Forsane, an entertainer, tells of an experience at the Recuperation Station that reveals to her much about herself. The station is also manned by Sid, the officer in charge; Doc, a drunken veteran; Maud, an older party girl; Lilli, a recent addition; and Beau, second in command. They work for the Spiders, their side in the Change War. Their duties include healing wounded soldiers, operating the machinery that allows pickup and delivery of soldiers, and entertaining soldiers while they rest and recuperate. According to a previous plan, they pick up three soldiers on a scheduled arrival: Eric, a Nazi; Mark, a Roman; and Bruce, a Briton from the early 1900’s. All characters are people who were resurrected from different times and places and brought into The Big Time. The arriving soldiers were engaged in a conflict in Saint Petersburg in 1883, attempting to kidnap an infant...

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Literary Techniques

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Leiber's technique in The Big Time is unusual. The son of actor parents, himself an experienced actor, Leiber chose to set his novel...

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Ideas for Group Discussions

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American science fiction has traditionally tended to view the world in black and white terms. There are almost always clearly defined good...

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Social Concerns

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The Big Time and the other stories in the Change War series concern an ongoing war fought by two time-traveling armies known only as...

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Literary Precedents

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Future war and time travel are two of the most common themes in science fiction, as is the idea of going back in time to change history....

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Related Titles

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The Big Time initially appeared in the March and April 1958 issues of Galaxy Science Fiction before seeing slightly revised...

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