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"He Giveth His Beloved Sleep"

(Magill's Quotations in Context)

Context: Psalm 127 is a brief expression of man's complete dependence upon God, and is put with deceptive simplicity. The poet emphasizes that God must be a part of everyday undertakings if they are to have any meaning. A house built without spiritual considerations is a sterile and disappointing place, a mere shelter; when faith enters into the construction, integrity and meaning are embodied in it. The poet then elaborates his point: there is little use in guarding a city, he continues, unless there is the firm belief that God is guarding it too. Implied but not stated is the point that if we are convinced that God is not guarding the city we immediately become ineffectual protectors. Lack of faith in the undertaking, whatever its nature, is destructive to accomplishment. There is much hard labor in life, but there is comfort even in this fact; for man was not made to spend all his time thus, and the Lord has provided him with rest, that he may have relief from toil. The lines may also have another meaning: that men are prone to fretfulness and worry, and dwell...

(The entire section is 399 words.)