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"Gird Up Thy Loins"

(Magill's Quotations in Context)

Context: Job, a good man who enjoys prosperity and many sons and daughters, is said to be a fine example of the God-fearing and God-worshiping man. But Satan says that Job is good only because he has always enjoyed good fortune, that he will turn against God if he is visited by adversity. Responding to Satan's challenge, God permits Satan to take away Job's wealth and to slay his sons and daughters; still Job does not turn against God. Next Satan, with God's agreement, visits physical misery upon Job; still Job refuses to turn against God and curse Him. Job is visited by men who claim that he must have been a great sinner in the past, inasmuch as God does not afflict a man without cause. But Job maintains, truthfully, that he is a good man, that there is no reason for him to receive this treatment as punishment. He is patient and enduring, but he does not understand. Elihu, one of the men who visit him, speaks of God's great power, which controls the...

(The entire section is 348 words.)