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"Absalom, My Son, My Son"

(Magill's Quotations in Context)

Context: Absalom, the son of David, plots against his father, the king. When men from all over Israel flock to Absalom's side, David says to his people that for safety they must flee Jerusalem with him, and go into the wilderness. Absalom moves into the city upon David's departure, even taking over King David's concubines, as a sign that he has become the ruler. Ahithophel, one of Absalom's counselors, asks to be allowed to pursue the forces of David and destroy them, but Hushai, who is a secret agent of King David, advises differently. When Ahithophel sees that his counsel is not taken, he goes to his home and hangs himself. Following the advice of Hushai, Absalom takes a force to go out and crush David's loyal followers. But David and his people meet Absalom and his force in battle in the wood of Ephraim and defeat them. Absalom loses twenty thousand men in the battle. Absalom himself is caught in the branches of a great oak tree when his mule passes beneath; there he hangs, alive, till...

(The entire section is 366 words.)