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Finding a good quote can help aid any assignment about The In-Between World of Vikram Lall since the novel is full of good ones. The novel is about a man named Vikram who grows up in Kenya in the ‘50s while Kenya is trying to become its own country. The best quotes to help draw out the theme and general feel of the novel will speak to what it must have been like to live in a place full of struggle between the past of the British Empire and the unknown future.

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For example, the quote, “there would have been few other places in the world where there was such an excitement about new literature, new ideas, and new politics,” could help with this endeavor.

Kenya was a country trying to become free from the old British, and because of this, the idea is that there was a focus on rebirth and newness, as well as the struggle to stand on one’s own feet.

The book is full of quotes that help characterize how the author sees the country at the time. Another example is, "we were a country of sages. They were all over the place, sometimes clogging the streets and roadways.” This quote could help to establish how the country was trying to develop its own philosophy and outlook, for example.

The key is to keep your thesis in mind, and then keep an eye out for quotes about Kenya that help demonstrate it.

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