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Bartholomew Oliver

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Bartholomew Oliver, retired from civil service and the disgruntled owner of Pointz Hall, where a historical pageant is being held.

Giles Oliver

Giles Oliver, Bartholomew’s son, a stockbroker who has longed to be a farmer. Recently on rather chilly terms with his wife, he is engaged in an affair with Mrs. Manresa.

Isa Oliver

Isa Oliver, Giles’s wife, secretly a writer of poetry. She suspects her husband’s unfaithfulness and fancies herself in love with Rupert Haines.

Mrs. Lucy Swithin

Mrs. Lucy Swithin, Bartholomew’s widowed sister. In her imagination, she lives in England’s historic past.

Mrs. Manresa

Mrs. Manresa, a cheerful, vulgar, and uninvited guest of the Olivers. She is carrying on an affair with Giles.

William Dodge

William Dodge, an uninvited and unwanted guest brought to the Olivers by Mrs. Manresa. Talking with Isa, he finds solace in his rejection and loneliness, as does she in hers.

Miss La Trobe

Miss La Trobe, the lonely, frustrated writer and director of the historical pageant being presented at Pointz Hall.

Rupert Haines

Rupert Haines, a married gentleman farmer with whom Isa fancies herself in love.


George and


Caro, grandchildren of Bartholomew.

Eliza Clark

Eliza Clark,



Mrs. Otter

Mrs. Otter, and

Mr. Budge

Mr. Budge, villagers who act in the pageant.

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