(Great Characters in Literature)

Characters Discussed

Carlos Colona

Carlos Colona, the son of the Governor of Brandenburg. Attracted to a veiled lady, Flora, his efforts to speak to her cause a quarrel with her fiance, Licio, whom Don Carlos kills in the ensuing duel. He seeks asylum in the house of his father’s friend, Don Cesar, the father of the veiled Flora. After a series of adventures involving disguises, recognitions, escapes, pursuits, fights, and problems of honor, Don Carlos wins Flora’s hand.

Don Cesar

Don Cesar, Flora’s father and an old friend of Carlos Colona’s father. When Don Carlos, after killing Licio in a duel, seeks asylum in his house, Don Cesar faces the dilemma of having to choose between the obligations of friendship, which demand that he aid the young man, and the obligations of a magistrate, which require that he arrest and execute him.


Flora, Don Cesar’s daughter. Veiled, she attracts the attention of Carlos Colona, who kills her fiance Licio, in a duel. When Don Carlos arrives at her house as a fugitive seeking asylum, she hides him. After many complications her identity becomes known, everyone’s honor is satisfied, and she and Don Carlos are married.


Laura, Flora’s friend, who is loved by Arnaldo.


Arnaldo, Laura’s suitor.


Dinero, Carlos Colona’s servant.


Fabio, Laura’s brother.


Silvia, Flora’s servant.