Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)


Lorenzo, a young Italian peasant whose wedding is interrupted by the whim of a wicked nobleman, Don Rodrigo. Lorenzo and his betrothed seek safety by separating temporarily. He goes to Milan but is banished from the city for taking part in a famine riot. After a year, he returns to Milan and there finds Lucia ill of the plague. At last she recovers, and they are married.


Lucia (lew-CHEE-ah), Lorenzo’s betrothed. the object of Don Rodrigo’s lust, she is kidnapped by his henchmen. She vows to enter a convent if rescued from her kidnappers. Fra Cristoforo tells her that her betrothal vow takes precedence over her vow to the Church, and so Don Abbondio marries her to Lorenzo.

Don Rodrigo

Don Rodrigo (rohd-REE-goh), an arrogant nobleman who, on a bet, plans to seduce Lucia. He dies of the plague while searching for her.

Don Abbondio

Don Abbondio (ah-bohn-DEE-oh), the cowardly parish priest ordered by Don Rodrigo not to marry Lorenzo and Lucia.

Fra Cristoforo

Fra Cristoforo (krihs-toh-ROH-roh), a saintly Capuchin who provides sanctuary for Lucia.

A nun

A nun, who is blackmailed into sending Lucia out of the sanctuary.

The Un-named

The Un-named, a powerful outlaw nobleman indebted to Don Rodrigo. His men kidnap Lucia, but her innocence persuades the noble outlaw to protect her from Don Rodrigo.

Cardinal Federigo

Cardinal Federigo (feh-deh-REE-goh), another protector of Lucia.