Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner

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Best-selling author Jennifer Weiner returns with her fifth novel, Best Friends Forever (2009). Readers meet Addie and Valerie who were once best friends in high school but let a boy come between them (and not in the way readers might at first think). On the night of their high school reunion, Valerie shows up at Addie's front door after not having seen her in years. Disheveled, with blood on her coat and an odd look on her face, Valerie is clearly in trouble and Addie feels an obligation to help her old friend.

As the reunion comes to a close, Valerie has exacted revenge on her high school boyfriend—the same boy who raped her—by making him strip and then stealing his clothes. In her hurry to drive away, she accidentally hits him and is unsure if she has killed him. Addie commits to helping her old friend by aiding and abetting her and the pair revisits their history.

Addie, overweight and unpopular, found the only friend of her childhood in Valerie who was new to the neighborhood. Intrigued by Valerie's mother's spontaneity and fun-loving nature, Addie envies the freedom Valerie has as a child....

(The entire section is 391 words.)