Beryl Bainbridge Other literary forms

Other literary forms

(Survey of Novels and Novellas)

Beryl Bainbridge has published a remarkable number of novels, but she is also a well-known short-story writer, journalist, theater critic, and screenwriter. Her short-story collections include Mum and Mr. Armitage: Selected Stories of Beryl Bainbridge (1985) and Collected Stories (1994). Bainbridge also worked on several television documentaries, including Emily Brontë and Haworth (1982) and English Journey: Or, The Road to Milton Keynes (1984). She also hosted the series Forever England: North and South (1987) and wrote and published the companion volume to that series. As a longtime journalist, her columns from the Evening Standard newspaper were collected in 1993 and published as Something Happened Yesterday. Bainbridge drew on her experiences as an actor and theater critic for the book Front Row: Evenings at the Theatre, Pieces from “The Oldie” (2005), a collection of reviews, essays, and a memoir.