Bertolt Brecht World Literature Analysis - Essay

Bertolt Brecht World Literature Analysis

(Masterpieces of World Literature, Critical Edition)

Brecht’s status as Germany’s greatest twentieth century playwright is by now securely established. He joins the pantheon of his country’s most commanding dramatists, which includes Friedrich Schiller, Heinrich von Kleist, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Georg Büchner, and Gerhart Hauptmann. Moreover, he is also a distinguished poet, with an astonishingly wide lyric range spanning folk ballads, Rimbaudesque prose poems, political epistles, and luminously concrete sonnets. Additionally, he is a provocative theorist of drama, whose concept of theatrical presentation has had enormous influence.

To address Brecht’s dramaturgy first: He had nothing but contempt for what he called illusionist, bourgeois, Aristotelian...

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