Bernard Malamud Short Fiction Analysis - Essay

Bernard Malamud Short Fiction Analysis

(Literary Essentials: Short Fiction Masterpieces)

All Bernard Malamud’s fiction seems based on a single affirmation: Despite its disappointments, horror, pain, and suffering, life is truly worth living. His work may be best understood in the context of mid-twentieth century American literature. When Malamud arrived upon the literary scene, he disagreed with the period’s twin pillars of negativism and nihilism, and his work is a reaction to this prevailing trend. “The purpose of the writer,” contends Malamud, “is to keep civilization from destroying itself.” Therefore, his characters, no matter how bad their lot, push toward a better life, a new life. “My premise,” notes the author, “is that we will not destroy each other. My premise is that we will live on. We...

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