Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

Bernard Kops is a prolific writer. He has published numerous novels, including Awake for Mourning (1958), Motorbike (1962), Yes from No-Man’s Land (1965), The Dissent of Dominick Shapiro (1966), By the Waters of Whitechapel (1969), The Passionate Past of Gloria Gaye (1971), Settle Down Simon Katz (1973), Partners (1975), and On Margate Sands (1978). His books of poetry include Poems (1955), Poems and Songs (1958), An Anemone for Antigone (1959), For the Record (1971), and Grandchildren and Other Poems (2000). Kops’s powerful autobiography, The World Is a Wedding, was published in 1963. His dramatic writing includes work for television and radio as well as for the stage.