Bernard Clayton's New Complete Book of Breads Summary

Bernard Clayton

Bernard Clayton’s New Complete Book of Breads

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

The 1970’s presented bread bakers with three classics: BEARD ON BREAD, Bernard Clayton’s COMPLETE BOOK OF BREADS, and Elizabeth David’s ENGLISH BREAD AND YEAST COOKERY. As Clayton notes in the introduction to this volume, since those books appeared, home bread-making has become both more popular and much simpler. In forty-five sections, a food processor can knead dough that would require ten minutes’ work by hand. New yeasts have cut rising time. Equipment such as baking stones and special French bread pans are now readily available in this country.

The NEW COMPLETE BOOK OF BREADS reflects these changes. Each of the two hundred recipes repeated here from the first edition offers detailed instructions on the new as well as the traditional method for making tasty, nutritious loaves. Clayton adds to these another hundred recipes that did not appear in the earlier version. Some, such as Jo Goldenberg’s bagels and Ka’achei Sumsum (a salted sesame-seed bagel), first were published in his BREADS OF FRANCE. Others, such as German Coffee Cake and Black Walnut Bread, represent recent discoveries, and the little stories explaining how Clayton found them are frequently as fascinating as the recipes themselves.

To celebrate the publication of this revised edition, Simon and Schuster has created an elegant, oversize volume. Delicately illustrated with line drawings by Donnie Cameron and clearly printed in brown on substantial ivory stock, this is a book to be treasured as well as used. It will make a handsome and practical present, but let the gift-giver beware--it may prove too attractive to part with.