Beowulf Lines 836–1,250 Questions and Answers

Lines 836–1,250 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why do the crowds come to Herot?

2. What is the song of Siegmund?

3. Who is Hermod?

4. How does Hrothgar express his gratitude to Beowulf?

5. How does Beowulf describe the battle with Grendel when speaking to Hrothgar?

6. What is the song of Finn?

7. What is it Welthow tells Hrothgar when the songs are finished?

8. What does she say to Beowulf?

9. What is to happen to Herot once this feast is over?

10. What are the soldiers’ sleeping arrangements?

1. The crowds come to Herot in order to trace Grendel’s path from Herot to the edge of the lake in which he had his den. The water is still bloody and swirling, which delights the crowds since this confirms his death.

2. The song of Siegmund is about another dragon slayer who earns glory by single-handedly pinning a dragon to the wall of its own lair. The dragon dissolves in its own blood and Siegmund is rewarded with treasures and fame.

3. Hermod, as we are told in lines 899–911, is born a king, but “pride and defeat and betrayal” are his lot after he continuously ignores his people’s wishes and wise men’s warnings. He rules by his own vanity, which leads to misery for all and, ultimately, his death.

4. Hrothgar commands that Herot be cleansed and another feast be held, at which...

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