Beowulf Lines 2,602–3,057 Questions and Answers

Lines 2,602–3,057 Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How did Wiglaf come to own his armor?

2. Why does Wiglaf go to Beowulf’s aid?

3. How is Beowulf mortally wounded?

4. How do the two men kill the dragon?

5. What is it Beowulf asks of Wiglaf after he is wounded?

6. When Wiglaf returns from fulfilling Beowulf’s request, what further request is made of him by Beowulf?

7. What does Wiglaf say to Beowulf’s followers when they return?

8. What is the message he sends with the herald to the people?

9. What is the Swedes’ argument with the Geats?

10. What is it the warriors see that causes them to weep?


(The entire section is 574 words.)