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Beowulf Movie Comprehension Worksheet

by esmcgrew

  • Release Date: February 12, 2019
  • Age Levels: Grade 12
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Beowulf Movie Comprehension Part I

  • What do the thanes in Wrothgar’s hall seem to value most?
  • Describe Grendal:
  • What are King Wrothgar and his queen doing during Grendal’s first attack?
  • What is Beowulf doing when we first see him?
  • Why has Wrothgar closed his mead-hall?
  • Who challenges Beowulf by saying he lost the race with Brecca?
  • What does Wrothgar promise Beowulf if he defeats Grendal?
  • Describe Welthow (Wrothgar’s queen) and Wrothgar’s relationship.
  • What is the topic of Welthow’s song?
  • What does Grendal do when he hears the song?

Beowulf Movie Comprehension Part II

  • What does Beowulf tell his men to do while he is sleeping? Why?
  • Why does Beowulf fight Grendal naked?
  • What happens to Grendal when Beowulf hits him in his ear?
  • List three times when Beowulf boasts:
  • After Beowulf’s dream, he wakes to find what has happened to his men?
  • What does Unferth give Beowulf?
  • What does Grendal’s mother want from Beowulf?
  • How is Beowulf’s meeting with Grendal’s mother different from the book?
  • How does Wrothgar die?
  • What is the dragon to Beowulf?


Students watch the movie Beowulf (animated version) and answer questions about what is happening.

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