Beowulf Lines 371–835 Summary and Analysis

Lines 371–835 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Edgetho: Beowulf’s father, the link between Hrothgar and Beowulf

Higlac: Beowulf’s uncle and lord

Unferth: Hrothgar’s courtier who taunts Beowulf about the stories of his bravery

Brecca: a childhood companion of Beowulf’s

Welthow: Hrothgar’s wife

Hrothgar remembers Edgetho’s son, Beowulf, and eagerly sends Wulfgar to fetch him. Beowulf boasts of his previous conquests and promises Hrothgar that he will kill Grendel. While the Danish king is pleased that Beowulf has come in friendship, he also thinks it is in repayment for his having averted a war by ending the feud Edgetho began with the...

(The entire section is 427 words.)