Beowulf Lines 2,602–3,057 Summary and Analysis

Lines 2,602–3,057 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Wiglaf: the only one of Beowulf’s followers who does not flee when he fights the dragon

Efor: the Geat warrior who kills the Swedish king, Ongentho, and is given Higlac’s daughter in marriage as a reward

Ongentho: the Swedish king who kills Hathcyn, the Geatish king and Hrethel’s son, after Hrethel’s death; killed by Higlac; Onela’s father

Wiglaf, descended from Swedes but now a Geat, is the only soldier not to flee from Beowulf’s battle with the dragon. For the first time employing the armor his father, Wexstan, had taken from Onela’s nephew in battle and given to him, Wiglaf rushes to Beowulf’s aid, explaining...

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