Beowulf Lines 2,221–2,601 Summary and Analysis

Lines 2,221–2,601 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Herdred: Higlac and Higd’s son who is next in line for the throne upon Higlac’s death, although the throne is offered to—and rejected by—Beowulf at that time

Onela: a Swedish king married to the Danish king Healfdane’s daughter, Yrs, making him Hrothgar’s brother-in-law

Herbald: Hrethel’s eldest son; killed by his younger brother, Hathcyn, in a freak hunting accident; both were Higlac’s older brothers; all three brothers are raised with Beowulf as another brother (although he is actually their nephew) from the time he was a young boy

A slave, trying to find a hiding place to avoid the master who beat him,...

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