Beowulf Lines 1,888–2,220 Summary and Analysis

Lines 1,888–2,220 Summary and Analysis

New Characters
Higd: Higlac’s wife

Thrith: Offa’s wife who, prior to her marriage, wantonly bore false witness, causing the unnecessary deaths of whomever she chose to accuse

Freaw: the daughter Hrothgar married to Ingeld in the futile hope of settling the feud between his people and his son-in-law’s

As Beowulf and his men go to their ship, the Danish sentry rides to meet them—not to challenge them, but to tell them how welcome they will be at home. Beowulf gives the ship’s watchman a sword hammered in gold and the Geats load their vessel with the horses, armor, and treasures. They set sail. The waiting Geats run to greet them when...

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