Beowulf Lines 1,651–1,887 Summary and Analysis

Lines 1,651–1,887 Summary and Analysis

New Character
Hrethric: Hrothgar’s eldest son

Beowulf gives Hrothgar Grendel’s head and the hilt of the jeweled, magical sword made by the giants. As he does so, he recounts the battle with Grendel’s mother and promises that Herot will be safe henceforth. Examining the sword hilt, Hrothgar discovers the story of its giant-makers. It explains how they suffered a war between good and evil and were then swept away by floods. He finds the name of the owner in Runic letters on the hilt.

Hrothgar then advises Beowulf how to be a good prince, warning him not to be like Hermod, who allowed his poor character to make him an unjust and disliked ruler. Beowulf...

(The entire section is 462 words.)