Beowulf Lines 1,251–1,650 Summary and Analysis

Lines 1,251–1,650 Summary and Analysis

New Character
Esher: Hrothgar’s close friend and advisor, killed by Grendel’s mother

Grendel’s mother, wanting revenge for her son’s murder, attacks the Danes as they sleep in Herot for the first time in 12 years. Awakened, the soldiers grab their swords as she takes Esher and flees for her life. Shouts erupt from Herot when the soldiers realize Grendel’s mother absconded with her son’s claw, as well. Hrothgar sends for Beowulf, who was sleeping elsewhere in more comfort with his own men. When they reach Hrothgar, the sorrowful king explains what has happened and asks Beowulf to once again slay the monster who threatens his people.


(The entire section is 793 words.)