Benjamin Robert Haydon Principal Works - Essay

Principal Works

(Nineteenth-Century Literary Criticism)

The Judgment of Connoisseurs upon Works of Art Compared with That of Professional Men; in Reference More Particularly to the Elgin Marbles (criticism) 1816

New Churches Considered with Respect to the Opportunities They Afford for the Encouragement of Painting (essay) 1818

Description of Mr. Haydon's Picture of Christ's Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem, Now Exhibiting (prose) 1820

A Descriptive Catalogue of Mr. Haydon's Great Picture of the Raising of Lazarus, Now Exhibiting at the Egyptian Hall (prose) 1823

Explanation of the Picture of Chairing the Members, a Scene in the Mock Election, Which Took Place at the King's Bench Prison, July, 1827 (prose) 1828

Some Enquiry into the Causes Which Have Obstructed the Advance of Historical Painting for the Last Seventy Years in England (essay) 1829

Painting, and the Fine Arts: Being the Articles Under These Heads Contributed to the Seventh Edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica [with William Hazlitt] (essays) 1838

Thoughts on the Relative Value of Fresco and Oil Painting, As Applied to the Architectural Decorations of the Houses of Parliament (essay) 1842

Lectures on Painting and Design. 2 vols. (lectures) 1844, 1846

Life of Benjamin Robert Haydon, Historical Painter, from His Autobiography and Journals. Edited and Compiled by Tom Taylor, of the Inner Temple, Esq. 3 vols. (autobiography) 1853; revised as The Autobiography and Memoirs of Benjamin Robert Haydon (1786-1846). 2 vols. (autobiography and memoirs) 1926

Benjamin Robert Haydon: Correspondence and Table-Talk. With a Memoir by His Son, Frederic Wordsworth Haydon. With Fascimile Illustrations from His Journals. 2 vols. (letters) 1876

Autobiography of Benjamin Robert Haydon (autobiography) 1927

The Autobiography and Memoirs of Benjamin Robert Haydon, 1786-1846, Compiled from his “Autobiography and Journals” and “Correspondence and Table-Talk” (autobiography, memoirs, and letters) 1927

The Autobiography and Journals of Benjamin Robert Haydon (autobiography and journals) 1950

The Diary of Benjamin Robert Haydon. 5 vols. (diary) 1960-63

Invisible Friends: The Correspondence of Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Benjamin Robert Haydon, 1842-1845 (letters) 1972