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Pages 263–275: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. How did Sethe and Beloved look standing in the doorway?

2. How was Mr. Bodwin saved?

3. Why doesn’t he realize there was an attempt on his life?

4. How is Denver faring now?

5. Why does Paul D come back?

6. How does the house look when he enters?

7. Where is Sethe?

8. Why is she preparing to die?

9. What does Paul D tell her at the end of her tears?

10. Why is Beloved forgotten?

1. Sethe looked unaccountably smaller than Beloved as the two stood in the doorway. While Beloved is visibly pregnant, it is not just her belly, but her whole person, that looks much larger.

2. Mr. Bodwin was saved when Denver, standing on the porch listening to the women sing and waiting for him, wrestles her mother to the ground to take the ice pick from her. Several other women help Denver. Ella punches Sethe on the jaw.

3. Mr. Bodwin was so mesmerized by the sight of the beautiful, naked, pregnant black woman standing on the porch that he was unaware of the attempt on his life. He thought Sethe was going after some of the women who were involved in a fight, when the fight was actually between the women and Sethe to prevent her from killing him.

4. Denver is looking for a job at the shirt factory during the afternoons and still has the night job with the Bodwins....

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