239–262: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. When did Sethe and Beloved begin to exclude Denver?

2. What happened to the $38.00 that was Sethe’s life savings?

3. What is Lady Jones’ impression of Denver?

4. How do Sethe, Beloved, and Denver survive?

5. How does Denver become reacquainted with the community?

6. Why does Denver go to Cincinnati?

7. What does she tell Janey Wagon of her home life?

8. What is the job Janey obtains for Denver?

9. Why do the women come to 124 Bluestone Road?

10. Why does Sethe attempt to murder Mr. Bodwin?

1. Sethe and Beloved begin to exclude Denver once Sethe sees the scar on the underside of Beloved’s chin. The scar had been caused by the handsaw she used to murder Beloved.

2. The $38.00 which had been Sethe’s life savings was squandered on fancy food and garish dress goods they used to make gaudy dresses.

3. Lady Jones recognizes Denver immediately, but her first impression was that Denver was innocent and childlike, rather than a person who acted her chronological age. She was also pleased to see that Denver was not deaf (as Baby Suggs had told her Denver was), since she feels that Denver is quick-minded.

4. When Sethe loses her job and Denver cannot find employment, Sethe, Beloved, and Denver survive by the charity of the committee from Lady Jones’ church which makes certain the church members share what they have by leaving food in the yard of those needing it.

5. Denver becomes reacquainted with the community by returning the plates upon which the food was left. The plates have the owners’ names on them and Denver visits with the owners as she returns the plates and thanks each of the owners. Each plate owner has another story to tell her about a member of her family, or what it had once been like in her home.

6. Denver goes to Cincinnati to seek the Bodwins. She knows they helped Baby Suggs and then Sethe, and she hopes they will help her find a job.

7. Denver tells Janey Wagon that she has a “sick cousin” staying with her and that her mother is crazy. Denver only tells Janey when she realizes Janey will not allow her to see the Bodwins unless she tells the truth, or something close to it.

8. Janey obtains the job of night caretaker of the Bodwins for Denver, Janey needs to go home to her own family each night, and the Bodwins are getting too old to be by themselves throughout the night.

9. The women come to 124 Bluestone Road because Ella organized the 30 of them into a prayer vigil to rid Sethe of the spirit they feel is possessing her and taking her life. Ella was infuriated that the past would come to the present to kill Sethe.

10. Sethe attempts to murder Mr. Bodwin with an ice pick. She had been chipping ice from the block for Beloved and still held it in her hand when she came to see who was singing. She had an insane flashback and thought Mr. Bodwin was schoolteacher coming to take Beloved again.

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