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Pages 200–217: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why had Sethe stuttered until she met Halle?

2. How had Denver drunk her sister’s blood?

3. Why had Denver kept pretending to love Sethe?

4. How had Halle tried to make his mother more comfortable?

5. How had Baby Suggs viewed Denver?

6. Why had the “men without skins” given the Negroes their urine?

7. How was Beloved able to find the house?

8. What does Beloved admit to Sethe?

9. What warning does Denver give Beloved?

10. What accusation does Beloved make of Sethe?

1. Sethe stuttered until she met Halle as a result of having seen her mother’s body when she was lynched. Sethe wanted to look for the brand underneath her mother’s breast, but Nan had pulled her away.

2. Denver drank her sister’s blood directly after Sethe murdered Beloved, whose blood covered Sethe. In order to get Beloved’s body from Sethe, Baby Suggs had told her it was time to nurse Denver and that they needed to trade children. Sethe had refused to clean herself first, so Denver ended up suckling Beloved’s blood, which was on Sethe’s nipple, along with Sethe’s milk.

3. Denver kept pretending to love Sethe...

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