Beloved Pages 148–165: Questions and Answers

Toni Morrison

Pages 148–165: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why hadn’t Baby Suggs been warned of the slave catchers’ approach by her community?

2. Why had Sethe taken her children to the shed as soon as she recognized schoolteacher’s hat?

3. How had Stamp Paid saved Denver’s life?

4. Why had the sheriff sent schoolteacher, his nephew, and the slave catcher away?

5. How had Baby Suggs been able to take Beloved’s body from Sethe after Stamp Paid had been unsuccessful at this?

6. Why had Denver been taken prisoner with her mother?

7. Why does Stamp Paid show Paul D the newspaper article?

8. Why does Paul D keep insisting the mouth of the woman in the picture with the...

(The entire section is 574 words.)