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Pages 114–147: Questions and Answers

Study Questions
1. Why does Paul D make love to Sethe each morning before he is seduced by Beloved?

2. Why does Denver enjoy Beloved’s staring at her?

3. What happens between Denver and Beloved in the cold house?

4. How do Paul D and Sethe conduct themselves when he meets her after work?

5. How does he see her pregnancy as a solution to his problem?

6. Why does Beloved think her body is falling apart?

7. How would you describe the feast at Baby Suggs’ house?

8. Why had her congregation shunned Baby Suggs and her family after the feast?

9. Why hadn’t Baby Suggs been able to find her children?

10. Why had the Bodwins been so helpful to Baby Suggs?

1. Paul D makes love to Sethe each morning before he is seduced by Beloved because he knows Beloved seeks him sexually and he wants to have no appetite for her, since it is Sethe he loves more each day.

2. Denver enjoys Beloved’s staring at her because she feels Beloved is “interested” and “uncritical.” It makes her feel Beloved needs something from her.

3. When Denver and Beloved go to the coldhouse to get the cider, Denver cannot see in the dark and loses Beloved, who seems to magically disappear. She thinks Beloved has returned to wherever it was she came from and is bereft until Beloved shows herself again.

4. Paul D and Sethe conduct themselves like children when he meets her after work: laughing, holding hands, patting each other’s behind, hugging, and Paul D giving Sethe a piggyback ride.

5. Paul D sees...

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