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There are several signs that seem to indicate that the mysterious stranger who suddenly turns up at 124 Bluestone is the spirit of Sethe's...

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Paul D.

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"For a man with an immobile face," Sethe thinks of Paul D., "it was amazing how ready it was to smile, or blaze or be sorry with you."...

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Isolated in the house with her mother Sethe, lonely Denver's only companions are from the past: memories of her brothers, her imaginings of...

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Sethe has "iron eyes and a backbone to match." Slavery, however, has "punched the glittering iron out of Sethe's eyes, leaving two open...

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Other Characters

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Edward Bodwin
Edward Bodwin is one of the abolitionist siblings who assist Baby Suggs when she first arrives in Cincinnati....

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Character Development

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Most characters in Beloved are exslaves, and they are treated with respect and compassion as victims of oppression. By contrast, the few white...

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