Beloved Pages 86–113: Summary and Analysis

Toni Morrison

Pages 86–113: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Stamp Paid: an older, ex-slave who is part of the Underground Railroad and ferries Sethe, with the new-born Denver, over the river to freedom

Ella: another freed slave, a contemporary of Stamp Paid’s, who helps Sethe and Denver once they’ve crossed the river to freedom and arrive at Baby Suggs’ home in Ohio

Lady Jones: a light-skinned, free black who runs the children’s school that the then seven-year-old Denver attends for a year

Nelson Lord: Denver’s classmate, who innocently asks her about the murder, Sethe’s imprisonment, and Denver’s accompanying her mother to jail

Sethe feels she needs a ceremony to lay down her...

(The entire section is 522 words.)