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Pages 263–275: Summary and Analysis

Paul D returns, reversing the path by which he left: coldhouse to storeroom, storeroom to kitchen, kitchen to bed. Here Boy is home again, a sign that Beloved is surely gone. Stamp Paid says the house is quiet now and Miss Bodwin is going to sell it. Her brother, although against the sale, will not stop her. Mr. Bodwin is still unaware of the attempt on his life, having been mesmerized by the naked black woman on the porch while the scuffle to save him was on.

Paul D asks Denver about her mother. Denver says she’s not all right and that Paul D must be careful how he speaks to her. When he gets to the house and finally finds Sethe in the storeroom by following the sound of her humming, it is clear she is laying in bed dying. He recognizes her state from what she had told him about Baby Suggs deciding to die and becomes very angry.

Sethe cries that her best thing—Beloved—is gone. Paul D tells her that SHE, herself, is her best thing and that...

(The entire section is 364 words.)