Beloved Pages 239–262: Summary and Analysis

Toni Morrison

Pages 239–262: Summary and Analysis

Denver is excluded from Sethe and Beloved’s games after a winter of the three of them playing together. Sethe has been fired for going in to work later and later and, finally, not at all. Denver no longer feels she has to protect Beloved from Sethe, but rather vice-versa. She realizes that if anyone is to provide food for them, since they are becoming lethargic from starvation, it must be she. She forces herself to go out of the yard to Lady Jones who is unable to provide a job, but who—despite Denver’s refusal of charity—makes certain her church members share their food with Sethe, Beloved, and Denver.

Since this still does not provide enough food, Denver decides to hire herself out and...

(The entire section is 448 words.)