Beloved Pages 20-42: Summary and Analysis

Toni Morrison

Pages 20-42: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
Sixo: a male slave from Sweet Home who had not allowed slavery to dominate his soul and who was in love with Thirty-Mile Woman

Amy Denver: the white, runaway, indentured servant who had helped Sethe as she gave birth to her second daughter while fleeing slavery

Lu: the name Sethe had used instead of her own with Amy

schoolteacher and his nephews: Mr. Garner’s educated brother-in-law, who had come to Sweet Home at Mrs. Garner’s request to manage the farm after Mr. Garner’s death. He had brought his two nephew with him.

Thirty-Mile Woman: Sixo’s love and the mother of his unborn child

Sethe and Paul D retire to the...

(The entire section is 629 words.)