Beloved Pages 114–147: Summary and Analysis

Toni Morrison

Pages 114–147: Summary and Analysis

New Characters:
John: Ella’s husband and also a part of the Underground Railroad

Janey Wagon: a free black woman who washes and cooks for the Bodwins

Paul D is forced out of the house by Beloved. He moves from Sethe’s bed to the rocker, from the rocker to Baby Suggs’ bed, from Baby Suggs’ bed to the storeroom, and finally from the storeroom to the coldhouse. It is in the coldhouse that Beloved succeeds in seducing him over a three-week-period during which he feels his heart come back to life. Denver becomes certain that Beloved was the white dress she saw holding Sethe’s waist in the vision she’d had before Beloved’s arrival. She feels she must continuously...

(The entire section is 401 words.)