Bella Akhmadulina Further Reading - Essay

Further Reading

(Poetry Criticism)


Akhmadulina, Bella, and Anatoli Ivanushkin. “Have the Poets Yielded Their Former Positions?” Soviet Literature 6, no. 483 (1988): 138-41.

Akhmadulina discusses the past and present state of Russian poetry.

Carlise, Olga. “Bella Akjatovna Akjmadulina.” In Poets on Street Corners: Portraits of Fifteen Russian Poets, pp. 366-73. New York: Random House, 1968.

Offers an anecdotal account of an evening with Akhmadulina, a brief biography, and an assessment of her popularity.

Carruth, Hayden. Review of Fever and Other New Poems, by Bella Akhmadulina, translated by Geoffrey Dutton and Igor Mezhakoff-Koriakin. Hudson Review 23, no. 1 (spring 1970): 188-89.

Briefly discusses Fever and Other New Poems, concluding that the translation is flawed.

Gregg, Richard. “Fever and Other New Poems.Russian Review 31, no. 1 (January 1972): 88-89.

Positive review of Fever and Other New Poems. Discusses the femininity and subjectivity of the poems.

Ketchian, Sonia I. “Bella Akhmadulina's Dialogue with Pushkin: My Genealogy.Pushkin Review/Pushkinskii Yestnik 1 (October 1998): 15-33.

Compares and contrasts the poetry of Akhmadulina and Pushkin, exploring their sense of family and family history.

Muchnic, Helen. “Under the Sign of Blok.” New York Times Review of Books 16, no. 2 (11 February 1971): 41-43.

Review of Fever and Other Poems, comparing Akhmadulina with Acmeists poets.

Stenstrom, Christine. Review of The Garden: New and Selected Poetry and Prose, by Bella Akhmadulina, edited and translated by F. D. Reeve. Library Journal 115, no. 16 (1 October 1996): 92.

Discusses the evolution of Akhmadulina's poetry from soft to angry mood and diction.

Yevtushenko, Yevgeny. Foreword. In Fever and Other Poems, by Bella Akhmadulina, pp. 1-8. New York: William Morrow and Company, 1969.

Describes Akhmadulina's poetry as elegant, asserting that she has a “genuine, God-granted, poetic gift.”

Additional coverage of Akhmadulina's life and career is contained in the following sources published by the Gale Group: Contemporary Authors, Vols. 65-68; Contemporary Literary Criticism, Vol. 53; Contemporary Women Poets; Contemporary World Writers, Ed. 2; DISCovering Authors Modules: Poets; and Literature Resource Center.