Beka Lamb

by Zee Edgell

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What is the summary of Chapter 8 in Beka Lamb?

Expert Answers

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The chapter begins with Toycie and Beka having a bit of fun parodying the politicians they see at Battlefield Park. Although afraid of falling into the water, Beka hoists herself up onto a thick post so that she can give a mock speech. Meanwhile, Toycie sings the opening song, and Beka tries to gather her courage. She sees her grandmother in the distance, hurrying towards Fisherman's Town, where Emilio's grandfather lives. Eventually, Beka begins her speech, and her unerring impression of Lady Radison prompts Toycie to erupt in uncontrollable laughter.

As Emilio approaches, Beka notices that Toycie appears to be nervous about meeting her boyfriend. She questions Toycie about the validity of Emilio's intentions to marry, but Toycie is dismissive. She fiercely maintains that it is 'nobody's business' but her own in how she navigates her relationship with Emilio. Beka remembers Granny Ivy's warning that Toycie's goal of raising her status may result in her winding up with 'a baby instead of a diploma' if she is not careful.

Emilio Villanueva is introduced to us in this chapter as a boy of seventeen, of Maya Indian and Spanish blood. He is a fantastic swimmer and a formidable diver. After he was accepted to St. Anthony's Jesuit College, Emilio's parents sold their property on Ambergris Caye to finance their son's education in Belize.

Despite her loyalty to her friend, Beka is worried that Granny Ivy's words about Toycie will prove prescient. As Toycie begins to walk towards her boyfriend, Beka frantically begs her friend not to go. For her part, Beka has always distrusted Emilio; his cruel teasing and disruptive manners have alienated her, causing her to often feel 'displaced in Toycie's affections.' Yet, despite Beka's desperate pleading, Toycie continues on with Emilio, leaving her friend behind in a state of utter dismay and frustration.

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