Beka Lamb

by Zee Edgell

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What is the summary of chapter 4 in Beka Lamb?

Expert Answers

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Chapter four opens with Beka remembering where the change in herself began; she decided to stop lying. This took place seven months before, in April.

Her parents are sitting there with her and her father says that she didn't pass and won't go on to the next grade. She argues with him, despite the fact that he can see the classes she failed. Beka explains that her teacher named her as one of the students who would be moving up, and her father says that the teacher must be helping her out.

She thinks that her parents dislike her tendency to lie more than almost anything else about her. She hopes that a hurricane will come along and blow the school away so that her records will get destroyed and they'll never know the truth. She thinks of her how her father punishes her with his belt and says he's doing it because she lied, not because of the action itself.

She does some of her chores, but shovels scraps into the backyard and her mother catches her. Beka starts crying and her mother cradles her, asking her if she failed her classes. Beka tells her that yes, she did. Her mother tells her to go find her father and tell him the truth. She says that she wishes Beka would stop lying.

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