Pages 80-82 Summary

Karl walks quickly into the Orphans’ Picnic and stops, “waiting to be seen.” Everyone he expects to see, fathers and sisters from seminary, is there. They do not recognize him immediately, so Karl sits in plain view and waits.

His is slick, polished, and has “made a lot of easy sales to women.” He has a lot of money and has “turned out worse than their wildest dreams.” A young, red-headed seminarian good-naturedly tries to coax Karl to come to his fishing booth, but Karl dismisses him at first. When he looks closer, the young man’s unruly hair looks just like Adelaide’s; when he looks closer still, the young man’s features are also exactly like Adelaide’s.

Karl sits in the place where his life changed forever and realizes this young man might be his brother. He goes to the booth and chats with the redhead who introduces himself as Jude Miller. When Karl wins, he tells Jude the prize is “a piece of crap.” He hates his brother as fervently now as he did when the boy was an infant and tells Jude he is “a piece of crap, too.”

Jude is distraught and quickly tries to attract others to his booth. When no one comes, Jude panics and tries to get his superiors’ attention, but no one pays attention to him. Seeing this weakness, Karl leans into the young man’s face and, with great certainty, asks Jude who he is. Beet red and nearly in tears, Jude whispers that he is “crap.”

Karl derisively says Jude is just like his mother and asks who he thinks he is. Without hesitation, Jude says Karl is the devil. Karl laughs again and says that is what Father Mullen said. He asks Jude to tell Mullen that Karl Adare “came back to say hello.”