Pages 48-55 Summary

When he jumps from the boxcar, Karl Adare lands in a patch of tall, dead grass. His legs hurt and he is cold. Karl is in great pain and even slight movement stings, so he just lies still. He thought perhaps Ambrose would return for him after he woke up in the boxcar but had discovered he was alone. Still, Karl assumes “since [he] hadn’t died [he] certainly would be saved.”

Karl’s salvation is a dark-skinned, scavenging, homeless lady who pours some whiskey down his throat. She tries to examine his feet, but Karl cannot bear the pain and twists away from her probing hands. The woman leaves and comes back for him later, carrying him to her fire.

Later, he learns that the woman, Fleur Pillager, is able...

(The entire section is 512 words.)