Pages 290-297 Summary

Mary and Celestine drive up to Sita’s house and see her, dressed in white, standing erectly and inspecting her yew bushes. Her purse is on the ground next to her feet, her legs seems like wooden blocks propping her up, and her demeanor says she is impatient. Mary comments to Celestine that Sita is probably upset that they are late. Celestine is annoyed that Sita decided to come, for she had hoped to watch the parade and enjoy Dot’s crowning without any judgment or distraction from Sita.

Mary can see that Sita has decided to be unpleasant. She does not even greet them when they get out of Mary’s truck to help her. When Celestine and Mary each take one of Sita’s arms in an attempt to help her through the tangled...

(The entire section is 506 words.)