Pages 233-254 Summary

Mary and Celestine love Dot too much, "and for that sin she [makes] them miserable.” Dot has Mary’s stubbornness, Celestine’s occasional cruelty, Karl’s irresponsibility, and Sita’s vanity. Wallace Pfef routinely avoids Celestine and Dot for months at a time, but one thing draws him back: Dot’s fearlessness.

She is afraid of nothing and cares tenderly even for loathsome creatures, but she starves her mother and aunt. Pfef made significant money on sugar beets and now lives a leisurely life; Dot likes to work with him on various projects. When she runs away to live with her dad, Pfef finds her curled up at the top of his cellar stairs. When Dot claims that her father is not a bum like her Aunt Mary claims he...

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