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Nicole/Wyatt Maines:

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Nicole is a child who recognizes the fact that she is in the wrong body. She knows that she is a girl with a boy's anatomy. She believes that the problem lies not with her but in the way the world looks at her. A strong and confident personality, she refuses to accept a "gender-neutral" identity. All Nicole wants is the freedom to be herself.

Wayne Maines:

Wayne is Nicole's father. He is a middle-class, conservative Air Force veteran. Wayne decides to adopt twin boys to fulfill his dream of playing baseball with them, going hunting, and teaching them to shoot. He is upset at Nicole's insistence on identifying as female. He grapples with her non-conforming identity, overcomes his deepest fears, and finally, becomes an advocate for transgender rights. His extraordinary journey teaches him to understand, accept, and celebrate Nicole's uniqueness.

Kelly Maines:

Kelly is Nicole's mother. She is aware that her twins are unlike each other. She is a protective mother who realizes her child's need for acceptance, respect, and approval. She seeks professional help to understand Nicole's transgender identity, only to learn that the "gender-neutral" approach is not conducive to her child's emotional health.

Jonas Maines:

Jonas is Nicole's twin brother who bravely sticks up for his sister. He goes through a struggle to establish an identity that goes beyond being a transgender girl's brother. The sibling rivalry is inevitable, but as the twins mature they develop a bond of unconditional love and support.

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