Because of Winn-Dixie

by Kate DiCamillo

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Topics for Discussion

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1. Why does Opal decide to claim Winn-Dixie as her dog? What is it about Winn-Dixie that people like? How does this decision affect her life and the lives of the other characters?

2. Why is Winn-Dixie afraid of thunderstorms? How does he react to them? How does this relate to one of the themes of the story?

3. List the ten things Opal learns about her mother. Relate these to other events or characters in the story. For instance, does Opal look like her mother?

4. Recount the stories told by Miss Franny, Otis, and Gloria. How do these stories help Opal?

5. Describe why Opal does not like the Dewberry boys. What causes her to change her mind?

6. Why does Gloria ask Opal to plant a tree? How does the tree's name relate to Opal?

7. Gloria is important to Opal for several reasons. Identify and discuss some of these.

8. Explain how the Littmus Lozenge relates to the story. What does it represent to each character? Is it a sad thing, a good thing? Explain.

9. What do you think would happen if DiCamillo wrote a sequel to this story?

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