Because of Winn-Dixie

by Kate DiCamillo

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Ideas for Reports and Papers

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1. Identify family members or neighbors who seem isolated and lonely. Do an interview with that person, and write about what you learn. Then present your story as a gift to them.

2. Write a report on a community service that addresses the needs of the elderly, alcoholics, or single-parent families.

3. Write a paragraph based on a meeting in an unusual setting.

4. Research a "bottle-tree." Find out how many different cultural interpretations there may be.

5. Choose your favorite candy, and report the history and making of it.

6. The title of the novel suggests the theory of cause and effect. Study this theory, and write a report on one cause/ effect that particularly interests you. This could relate to science, history, psychology, people, and/or relationships.

7. Miss Franny tells of the military service of her ancestor. Identify a veteran in your family. Interview that family member, then write a report on what you learn about veterans or the war in which that person fought.

8. Visit a local animal shelter or pet store. Report on what you find there.

9. Write ten things you remember about someone you miss.

10. Opal possesses good social skills. What are these skills? Research how children develop social skills and how the lack of these skills affects behavior.

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