Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo

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Chapter 6 Summary

That summer, Opal spends a lot of time at the local library to relieve her loneliness. The Herman W. Block Memorial Library is just a small house full of books, not a large, impressive place like other libraries. It is run by a little old lady named Miss Franny Block. Miss Block is the first friend Opal makes in Naomi.

Opal gets to know Miss Block through an incident created by Winn-Dixie. Still feeling broken-hearted at being left alone, the dog does not like going to the library because he cannot go inside while Opal is inside hunting through the shelves. Opal teaches Winn-Dixie how to stand on his hind legs outside the library’s window so he can still see her while she roams the aisles looking for books. This calms Winn-Dixie, but one afternoon Miss Block sees the dog standing tall against the window outside the library and thinks he is a bear. Afraid, Miss Block screams and hides on the floor behind her desk. Opal runs over to Miss Block to see what the matter is, and Miss Block tells her there is a bear outside the window. Opal tells Miss Block that what she thinks is a bear...

(The entire section is 406 words.)