Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo

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Chapter 3 Summary

Right away, Opal cleans up Winn-Dixie. First she gives the dog a bath using the garden hose and baby shampoo. Winn-Dixie tolerates the bath, but he obviously does not like it—he does not wag his tail or smile the entire time. Opal dries him off and uses her hairbrush to work through Winn-Dixie’s matted fur. The dog wiggles his back, enjoying the attention.

While she cleans up the dog, Opal talks to Winn-Dixie about her family. She tells him that she has no other family besides the preacher—her mother left when she was three years old. She also tells Winn-Dixie that she does not have any friends because she had to leave them all behind when she and the preacher left Watley to come to Naomi. Opal reckons that she and Winn-Dixie are kind of like orphans. Winn-Dixie looks at Opal and behaves as if he understands her exact meaning. Opal then confesses that she has been thinking a lot about her mother since she and the preacher moved to Naomi. She knows little about her mother because the preacher does not speak of her, but she overheard the ladies gossiping at church so now she knows her father still loves her mother and hopes she will...

(The entire section is 428 words.)