Chapter 25 Summary

Opal and the preacher walk back to Gloria’s house, and they hear music a block away. When they enter Gloria’s kitchen, they see Gloria and Miss Franny sitting around Otis, smiling and singing while he plays the guitar. Sweetie Pie is sitting in Gloria’s lap, and Amanda, Dunlap, and Stevie are sitting on the kitchen floor. All of them are singing and clapping and having a great time.

Opal is shocked that they are all so happy even though Winn-Dixie is missing. Opal shouts to everyone that she and the preacher were not able to find Winn-Dixie. Otis stops playing the guitar. Gloria looks at Opal and tells her that she already knows that Opal and the preacher did not find Winn-Dixie—he was right there in the kitchen...

(The entire section is 505 words.)