Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo

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Chapter 16 Summary

Miss Franny Block’s great-grandfather Mr. Littmus W. Block was just a fourteen-year-old boy when he went to war. The firing on Fort Sumter had just occurred, and Littmus’s father, Artley W. Block, was already a soldier, so Littmus went to fight. He told his mother that he could not just sit by and watch the South get destroyed. Miss Franny says that men always want to fight and are lured by wars. Littmus lied about his age, but because he was a big boy the recruiters believed him and enlisted him as a soldier. Littmus left behind his mother and three sisters and went off to be a war hero, but he would soon learn the truth about the reality of war. Miss Franny says that war is “hell.” Amanda reminds Miss Franny that “hell” is a “cuss” word, and Miss Franny retorts that the word “war” should be a cuss word. Miss Franny points at both Amanda and Opal and tells them that neither of them can imagine the tragedies of war. During the war, Littmus was always hungry and covered with fleas and lice, and the weather of the seasons made him...

(The entire section is 397 words.)