Because of Winn-Dixie Chapter 14 Summary
by Kate DiCamillo

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Chapter 14 Summary

Opal tells Gloria all kinds of stories: sometimes she relays the stories of Miss Franny Block, other times she talks about Otis in his pointy boots playing his guitar for the animals, and some days she makes up her own story. Whatever the story, Gloria listens to it from beginning to end. Gloria used to love reading stories, but now her eyesight is too bad and cannot be fixed with reading glasses. So she loves to hear a good story.

One afternoon, after telling her story, Opal tells Gloria that Otis was once in jail and that he was a criminal. She asks Gloria if she should be afraid of him. Gloria does not directly answer Opal’s question. Instead, she takes her to a tall, old tree way in the back of her yard. Opal has never been all the way to the back of Gloria’s yard, but she and Winn-Dixie follow Gloria anyway. When they get to the tree, Opal looks up and sees many bottles hanging by string from the branches. Wine bottles, beer bottles, and whiskey bottles blow in the breeze and make a clanky noise that Opal thinks sounds spooky. Winn-Dixie’s hair stands on end, and he makes a deep, low growl. Gloria asks Opal what she thinks about the tree. Opal does not know what to think and asks why there are so many bottles hanging from the branches. Gloria tells her the bottles are there to keep away the ghosts of all the things she has done wrong in her life. Opal is shocked that Gloria could have done so many wrong things; in Opal’s opinion, Gloria is the nicest person in the world. Gloria then reveals that she was the person who drank all the alcohol from those bottles. Opal reminds Gloria that her mother drank too, and she tells Gloria that the preacher said her mother drank so much sometimes that she could not stop herself. Gloria says that she used to be one of...

(The entire section is 505 words.)